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Job Hunting can be mind boggling. Knowing what kind of job you are qualified for can be intimidating. Don't let things overwhelm you. Think of the positives and form a plan to accomplish your goal. First thing I do when anything is overwhelming me is make a list.

  1. What kind of jobs does your education qualify you for?
  2. What experience do you have and is it transferable from industry to industry? (ie banking to government)
  3. Who do you know in the industry? Call them and set up an information interview to find out what types of jobs you would be qualified for or that would interest you.
  4. Network. Let everyone know that you are looking. Do you volunteer? let the board know you are looking for a new job. Play sports or enroll your children in sports, teams are a great place to network. The gym, yoga studio - everyone knows someone who knows someone, and most people are more than happy to lend a hand.
  5. Use a Recruiter. Recruiters have job boards sometimes exclusive to them. Research your recruiter and find the one who deals with the companies on your list of places you would like to work. Also find the Recruiter who deals with your skills. Recruiters specialize - IT, Finance, Admin, etc so make sure you contact the right one. Be diligent, don't them forget about you, keep in touch with him/her.
  6. Check the job boards. Don't be afraid to recontact your Recruiter and let him/her know about job openings.
  7. Check specific company websites. Again, before applying online check with your Recruiter to see if he has a contact there.
  8. Connect with people on LinkedIn who work for specific targeted companies that you are interested in.

And then go back and do it all again!

There is a job out there with your name on it!